Leesburg, Virginia Estate Sale Promotion
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Wesbite Design + Photography

With professional estate sale companies encouraging big crowds to drive sales and taking 40-50% of the profit, a client hired us to come up with a cost-effective, none-intrusive way to showcase the contents of his estate sale in Leesburg, VA. Our solution was to take photographs and strategically list the items for sale in a free temporary website. Those interested in buying could email our client and make an appointment, which made it convenient and hassle-free.

Seeing as the website was just temporary, we used Wix's free version and designed the layout ourselves. As a result of this beautifully laid out site, with minimal advertising except for social media and word of mouth, our client sold all of his items and kept 100% of the profit. We find this solution an amazing alternative to big-budget estate sale agents, with the whole process digitally-streamlined and little to no labor.