Breymaier Sailing America's most talented short-handed ocean sailor
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Print Design + Execution

From layout design to the printing press, we worked on Breymaier Sailing's media kit after launching their website. The main purpose of the printed catalog was to attract potential US sponsors for Ryan Breymaier's goal: compete around the globe on his own sailboat (IMOCA 60). Knowing that the media kit would reach big companies and high-ranking CEOs around the US, it had to stand out from the crowd by being beautifully designed. Our solution was a sleek, glossy catalog with attention-grabbing photographs and playful typography.

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Old Media Kit

Breymaier Sailing had an outdated media kit before we jumped onboard. The 15-page kit's layout was too busy with pixelated images while the font and typography made it off-putting to read. We've included a few pages here as a testament to how clean, simple design can do wonders for a brand.